I realized very young, I think I was 13 or so, that I could get pretty much anything I wanted. People wanted to be around me and I made it obvious that to be with me you had to cater to me. The first person I trained to be my servant was my mother. It was very easy. Poor mom wanted desperately to be liked by her only child and dad was working so much that neither of us saw him very much (fine with me!).

I insisted that mom cook for me; clean for me--no sense getting my hands dirty; wash & iron my clothes; even do my schoolwork!

About a year later, I learned about the benefits of corporeal punishment and, again, mom was my first victim. Happened by accident really. She was serving breakfast to me in my bedroom (I always had breakfast in bed) and she actually served burnt toast! I reached out, without thinking really, and slapped her across the face. The stupid cow apologized, immediately made some fresh toast and served it to me. I discovered a key principle that I employ to this day: servants will work harder if beaten occasionally!

Now, even if the service is impeccable, I find fault in the labor of my servants. Any tiny little imperfection is a good reason to grab a belt and take someone over my knee or just rear back and give a good hard ass-kicking. This can be particularly painful if I'm wearing the pointy pumps that I love so much. LOL!

Not only does handing out a good beating encourage good work by the staff, it also it also make me giggle to see people succumb to my beauty and charm and willingly suffer to please me.

Another efficient tool for keeping slaves in line is humiliation. If the floor is dirty, the lazy slave must be made to lick the floor. If my heels are not shined, the the slave will lick the shoes clean. Better to sweep and shine shoes than to eat dirt!

Slipping off a sweaty boot after a long walk and shoving my stinky foot in the face of a sassy slave will teach it who is boss! Making the launderess lick my dirty panty crotch clean forces her to appreciate my power.

The most important thing to know about me is that I love money!!!!! Your job is to make sure that I have all the money my heart desires. I love to shop and buy pretty things. I love having pedicures, manicures and massages and your job is to make sure that I get everything I want!

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