The undersigned (hereafter known as "slave" or "it") agrees to apprentice under
PRINCESS BRITT (hereafter "PRINCESS") under the following terms:

1) slave will memorize and abide by the Princess Rules.

2 ) slave shall report at 6AM and be dismissed at the pleasure of the PRINCESS.

3) At all other times slave shall be on call and available to PRINCESS within 15 minutes of summons.

4) Upon arrival, slave shall immediately begin working on the morning tasks posted by PRINCESS; but under no circumstances is slave to make intrusive noises that might disturb PRINCESS' sleep.

5) At noon slave will begin preparing PRINCESS' breakfast and await her summons.

6) slave will draw a bath for PRINCESS and attend PRINCESS for bathing and dressing.

7) slave will be given a list of afternoon chores by PRINCESS and begin them immediately.

8) Routine chores such as vacuuming; mopping; toilet-scrubbing; shoe shining; laundry; dry-cleaning; dishes; and ironing will be performed on slave's own time--slave explicitly understands that it is to remain at the beck and call of PRINCESS at all times so that she will never have to lift a finger.

9) Any action, or failure to act, by slave that results in displeasure to PRINCESS shall result
in a $100.00 fine payable immediately. In addition, PRINCESS will discipline slave in any way she deems fit: including corporal punishment and additional work-load.

10) slave agrees that completion of training will be determined by PRINCESS' satisfaction
and termination of slave's tutoring is at PRINCESS' sole discretion.

11) After training is completed, slave agrees to be assigned a permanent position in the home
of the PRINCESS or another princess to be determined by PRINCESS BRITT. slave may be required to perform services for another PRINCESS as part of its' training.

12) In exchange for the privilege of serving and being trained by PRINCESS, slave will pay PRINCESS a weekly tuition of $1,000.00.

13) The terms of this agreement can be modified by PRINCESS at any time.

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