Pay & Obey If you're not supporting the Princess, you don't exist at all. Don't pretend to be an obedient little bitch unless you both pay & obey! Unlike so many ridiculous "money doms"--you pigs are soooo stupid for falling for those fakers; unlike them, Princess has thousands of pix of Herself that you can access by simply purchasing a membership. But membership is the bare minimum; if you expect to have any self-respect as a worshipper of Me, you will pay, pay, pay! Pay & obey!
  Lick My Feet Why do I make slaves clean My shoes, stockings, & feet with their tongues so often? Because slaves tend to start thinking they have rights and ideas of their own--wrong! Slaves are nothing more than pieces of property whose purpose is solely defined by My immediate wants and demands. Therefore, keeping them down at My feet and humiliating them by forced feet licking reminds slaves of their place. When a slave is swallowing a disgusting dose of dirt from the sole of My shoe, then that slave is acutely aware of how it is TOTALLY OWNED BY ME!
  No Thinking slaves do not think! Even putting the word "slave" and "think" next to each other is an oxymoron. Princess does the thinking because only She is qualified to do so. Princess is smart, talented, and motivated properly--to keep the Princess happy! slaves are stupid, have limited skills, and need to be constantly reminded that their only purpose is to please the Princess.
  Right & Wrong There is no such think as right and wrong in Princess' universe. There is only what the Princess says to do or not to do. There is only what the Princess wants and what She does not want. All slaves need to accept their own stupidity and govern themselves by blind obedience to Me. In the rare instances where a slave might be called upon to make a value judgment, it will simply ask itself "which choice will benefit the Princess more?"
  People are Cattle I really don't consider most "people" to be people at all. Most of humanity, with the exception of the beautiful & divine such as Myself, are simply a herd of cows. And what are cows for? To be devoured of course. LOL! By Me!
  Marilyn & Me Why worship the Princess? How can She claim to be sacred and better than others? Well dumbass, some things are just meant to be. Just like Marilyn and Madonna, sometimes divinity comes along and must be acknowledged. you know you love the Princess, don't fight it!
  Laundry List When I have a bitch do My laundry--and believe Me, I never do My own laundry--I insist that the slave pre-clean the dirty crotches of My panties with its' tongue. Sounds delish, right?! LOL! It's not that the licking is particularly functional, it is just a constant reminder that I can make a slave do ANYTHING no matter how disgusting or humiliating.
Healthy Pigs How does a girl keep Her pigs in peak condition? Work them HARD! slaves are not people and should not be treated as such. slaves must be worked constantly. No matter how good a slave does, I always find something to criticize and demand that it be done better. When a slave is so exhausted that it is about to fall over, I always find that a good beating keeps it motivated. :)  
One Last Choice Let's face it, you are not up to the hard choices in life. you are ill-equipped to make good decisions. Luckily for you, I am giving you the opportunity to make one final choice. Worship Me; submit to Me; surrender all power to Me and you no longer have to make any more choices. I will tell you exactly how best to live your life!  

Beg For It What should you do when you know that you have fucked up, or that you've labored hard and have still fallen short of My Princessly expectations? Get on you fucking hands and knees and beg for strict discipline! Ask Me to punish you! Do this for yourself, for only through suffering at My hands will you ever become a better slave. No excuses!

Low Expectations While My life gets more luxurious and glamorous daily, your life on the other hand is only going to get more wretched. you will become poorer and make do with less. you will suffer pain and incredible indignity. Simply accept your fate and live vicariously through the Princess who rightfully owns your ass.  
No Laurels Don't ever expect to get the benefit of the doubt with Me. No matter how hard you have labored, donated, or suffered for Me in the past, you will still have to prove that you are worthy to worship Me each and every day. I expect total devotion and 100% effort no matter how much you must suffer in order to do so. Learn to love it bitch!  
Sensual Submission is the best Fem-fem site: join & see the Princess there!