1. Greet the Princess by kneeling, placing your forehead to the floor, and kissing each foot three times.

2. Do not speak unless spoken to.

3. Do not think...your Princess knows better than you and will tell you what to do.

4. Do what your Princess tells you to do immediately and without question.

5. Always keep your primary goal in mind: how can I make Princess's life better and more enjoyable!

6. Stay in your place: if not engaged in a task as ordered by the Princess, kneel at Princess's feet and await further orders.

7. Sing the Princess's praises: tell everyone you speak to how wonderful the Princess is and what a pleasure it is to serve Her.

8. Pay for the privilege: money will not make you happy, but it makes the Princess happy so give the Princess money every day.

9. Admire the beauty of the Princess and tell Her often how wonderful She looks.

10. Work hard so that the Princess does not have to work at all!

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