$100 Monthy Contibutor! $100 for week 1, then another $100 in week 2, plus $100 every month. Payments via credit card thru CCBill; access to the members area, naturally!
$75 weekly Love Tax! Every week you are billed thru Verotel $75--for those "sweaty" late night meeting you have with Me online; LOL!
$$$ Big Spender $$$ Send Me an anonymous large single donation via Paypal care of: brittanysaxon@gmail.com. I just love getting big chunks of cash, & you'll love My return gift!

Snail Mail Send gifts & cash to:
Princess Britt
PO Box 9065
Columbus, Ohio 43209

Giselle rocks! I'll be joining her on her site; I want you to become a member!